About us

FOROFOS was created at Huesca as a company on 17 March 1997.

Establishing such a business was an idea of the people who is writing these lines, Jose Luis Ara, nicknamed "Chepa" by his friends and acquaintances. After studying and then working in several places, I got this rather foolish idea of creating FOROFOS.

I wanted to run my own business and not having to depend on anyone.
Because of my love of that beautiful game, football, I decided to open a shop to satisfy fans like me. Supported by my then girlfriend, Marian( we are now happily married) we went into the business world and on March 17 of 97 we opened our first FOROFOS shop at Huesca, in Pedro I de Aragón street, n º 4.

And so it all began, working hard but happy, as it happens in all beginnings. Time passed and things seemed to do well. After two years with its doors open to our dear customers, we decided to increase our articles by degrees, introducing products not related to football, and we specialized as a licensed shop. We started with license  from Sesame Street and then continue with that of Tweety, the South Park, and so on.

When we were aware, our shop has become very small. Well, we opened another shop, problem solved. And so, on 31 March 2000 the second FOROFOS shop was opened in the Royal Mall Coso, Huesca.

With two shops we needed reinforcements ....  we thought about a new assistant…who could that be? then, we asked as our friend Bacha.

- Would you like working at FOROFOS? Of course I would. –O.K., , make yourself pretty and  get smart.. and to work.

It was nice to have two FOROFOS shops at Huesca in less than 3 years. Who could have imagined when I started. And over to Internet, that wonderful invention that has created an incredible dependence like cell phones. Does it do well selling online? Well, it does. Not much then, but we thought it will increase with time .

Days, months and years went by, and we need more people. Selling through the web was doing all right, and we needed some new organisation with two physical stores, and on top of it an online store. What a mess! I thought we ought to centralize our entire system of operations, I thought it would be the best.

With a great pain and some tears on 8 August 2002, the eve of San Lorenzo festival, FOROFOS 1st closed its doors, land passed away. Since that time we serve all our customers and friends at the shop located in the Coso Real Mall.

Some years back, in 2002, my friend Bacha told us she can not go on as an attendant, because she got a better job related to her professional studies. We were glad about it, and she left the shop. But we still are very close friends.   
We needed to find someone to replace Bacha, and we offer the job to Chus ( Marian´s sister). – Chus, please, Wold you like to work at Forofos? We need you?  Ok, and  in four days she was at work. Chus, as sympathetic as she is, a marvellous attendant, enters FOROFOS.

Everything seemed all right then, the organization was nearly perfect. The days pass, and so the years do, and the business increases accordingly. Our offer of products grows gradually, stuffed toys, educational toys, later articles for bachelors parties, new licenses .... who knows what will come next.

We approach 2002, a palindrome year, and again we need some other attendant girly for the shop, but who? After much thinking we found the solution: Bea, the bride of Marian´s cousin. Poor thing! So young and having to work. –Excuse me, but I am already come of age. In a word the girl is still growing up and still is with us.

Without noticing we have managed to bring the whole family to FOROFOS. This is really a family business, for better or for worse. How I am looking forward for my my nephew Alex to older and so  complete the poker of employees, only the grandmother and the dog are left outside.

So far, up to the beginning of 2009, this is the story of FOROFOS since 97, and we still look forward for  the years to come. Oh! we have forgot “the Chiqui”, Bacha's sister, who was also a slave for a time under the tyranny of the big boss. And the girl now in the entertainment world, she will end up being famous. Life is a merry-go-round.

Our team:

Chiqui Barrantes

Bacha Barrantes

Beatriz Naranjo

Chus Caborbaya

José Luis Ara

Marian Caborbaya